C.ex Coffs Sports, Touring & Classic Car Club - More Than Just A Car Club
Events Guidelines 
Our Club has a very well organised Events Committee who ensure our events cater for the interests of all members, partners and their families.

Club runs information is published in Idle Torque and on our website. If you have any questions regarding a particular run, please call the contact person for that event or one of the Events Committee members.
Some of our regular runs are;

Coffee Runs 
Coffee runs are held regularly, usually on Wednesdays and sometimes Saturdays.
The runs are generally to a venue within 20 minutes drive from Coffs Harbour and leave the designated starting points at 9.30am, unless otherwise advised.

Weekend Runs
Are conducted at least once a month, either on a Saturday or a Sunday, and departure times depend on the length of the run.

Overnight Runs
Runs which involve one or more overnight stays are organised periodically.
When the destination is South of Coffs Harbour the meeting place is the car park behind McDonalds South Coffs Harbour. For all other runs, the meeting place is in the car park outside Repco at Home Base. Due to the growth of our club it is essential that members advise the contact person nominated for that particular run, of their intention to attend. This can be done personally, or by phone, email, text etc.

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