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Car Display Cards
Our Car Club offers 2 versions of Car Display Cards and members are free to choose from either version. Display cards have proven very popular at past car shows and indoor club displays and we would like to promote them more in the future.

Version 1 
Provides a basic description of the car, make, model, year and general specifications etc.

Version 2 
Provides the same information as Version 1 but also allows the owner(s) to include some personal background information such as, how they acquired the car, why they chose this type of car, what they like about the car, restoration stories etc. Photos of the car are also included and if the member wishes, may include photos of themselves and their partners/family. 
People like to read about the car AND the owner and for this reason Version 2 is recommended.

If you would like a car display card prepared, all you need to do is email Michael Guymer (Treasurer) with the car details, a few photos and your written commentary. Michael will then prepare a draft copy and send back to you for confirmation. Once confirmed the card will be laminated and returned to you.

Two examples of the cards are show in the attachments below.

Display Card Version2.doc (DOC — 471 KB)
Display Card Version1.doc (DOC — 126 KB)


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